What We Do


Mission of Hope Africa (MHA) focuses its activities of evangelism through mission of mercy on the most vulnerable and underprivileged — often those marginalized and displaced by conflict — in East Africa. We share the gospel of Jesus Christ when opportunity affords in the context of alleviating the acute material needs and empowering the people we serve. The Biblical message is clear: An authentic response to the grace we have received in Christ includes a concern for both the spiritual and material well-being of the poor and needy among us. The people we encounter in our fields of operation are among the most neglected and materially deprived on the planet - from victims of tribal persecution to slum dwellers in the poorest regions who lack the most basic human needs and whose access to medical care is either limited or nonexistent. These are the people the Samaritan stopped to help in the well-known parable and the ones we wish to serve as well.
"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you can"


Mission of Hope Africa (MHA) is committed to spreading the good news of our Lord Jesus to the unreached and winning souls to Christ. This is the foundation of our mission, and the harvest is plentiful.  MHA in partnership with Mission of Hope Kenya (MHK) reaches out to various groups of people in its fields of operation regardless of race, gender,creed, social status, or cultural background. When new converts are baptized, a pastor is assigned to mentor and nurture them to spiritual maturity.

Reaching out with the gospel of Christ



Below, Mission of Hope Africa in partnership with Mission of Hope Kenya donated this pulpit to the newly constructed Masogo Church in Kisumu County. Praise the Lord!



Health Care

Mission of Hope Africa (MHA) is committed to using its resources and is currently partnering with Mission of Hope Kenya (MHK), and the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS), to provide free basic medical services to the poor and destitute communities. Our social workers and volunteers move from one informal settlement to another, to provide medical services to those in need. There are many cases of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) , Jigger Infestation, HIV/AIDS infection, malaria, and typhoid in our field of operation.  MHA is currently working on securing medical equipment, and is working together with Mission of Hope Kenya (MHK) to establish a medical clinic and a base of field operations, to serve the impoverished local communities in Kitale, Kenya. This will ensure an affordable access by the local communities to a level of health care more advanced than is now available in that region.

A community ravaged by Jigger infestation


Education Sponsorship

Mission of Hope Africa (MHA) in collaboration with Mission of Hope Kenya (MHK), is currently providing bursaries to poor and underprivileged students with academic aptitude to go to boarding schools and colleges in Kenya. This is such a big achievement because a literate society is a healthy society.  At the completion of their education, sponsored individuals are encouraged to return to their communities and are assisted in landing jobs in organizations where they may be of influence in forging peace and developing stable communities.  In gratitude and after securing an income, these individuals are then encouraged to sponsor another child in return, thus perpetuating a growing and sustainable network of educational opportunity for the youth. 

Building the foundation for future generation through education


Clean Water Project

Water is life. Mission of Hope Africa (MHA) is committed to rebuilding the livelihood of destitute communities and bringing daily life back to normalcy.  We are kindly asking for monetary donations, literally, in order to drill water wells which will provide a steady, safe, and sustainable source of clean drinking water, for these destitute communities.

This is the only water well in this impoverished community. The well is so poorly dug and posses a potential health hazard to the residents



Below, Mission of Hope Africa's Founder/President Mr. Isaac Omondi Aduda meets with the Deputy Director of Projects & Special Programs (Governor's Office) Mr. Samuel C. Chepkole to discuss partnering with the Trans-Nzoia County Government in order to implement community development projects which include digging an up to date water well for this impoverished community.





Provision of Basic Needs

Whenever circumstances warrant, Mission of Hope Africa (MHA) endeavors to meet basic needs for food and clothing. Currently, MHA is partnering with Mission of Hope Kenya (MHK), and the Kenya Red Cross in distributing food, toiletries and shoes to the impoverished slum dwellers in Isaac's home town of Kitale, Kenya. We are currently in need of more financial support so we can start distributing blankets, mosquito nets and sanitary towels for school girls.

Donations of shoes, toiletries, and  foodstuffs to school children and slum dwellers


Conflict Mediation / Peacemaking

MHA in partnership with Mission of Hope Kenya is currently developing peace initiative strategies to raise awareness, and to mediate conflicts and tension between members of communities that still embrace the cultural practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Even though Female Genital Mutilation was outlawed in Kenya in 2011, this cultural practice is still widely practiced by communities such as the Maasai, Samburu, Pokot, etc, as a transition from childhood to adulthood. This has led to a large percentage of girls to drop out of school. One in every five girls in Kenya has been cut.  Two hundred million women worldwide have been cut. If current trends continue, an estimated 15 million additional girls between ages 15 -19 will be subjected to this ordeal by 2030.