South Sudan

Field Locations

MHA in South Sudan

South Sudan is the newest African nation, having gained its independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011. Sadly, this young nation has been ravaged by civil war for years, both before and after achieving statehood. With independence has come internal strife, with South Sudanese ethnic groups now vying for power as the Arab Khatoum government in the north exploits tribal rivalries for its own political gain.

The history of this region is complex. When Sudan gained its independence in 1956, it was with the understanding that the Southerners would be able to participate fully in the political system. When the Arab Khatoum government reneged on its promise, a mutiny began that led to two prolonged periods of conflict (1955-1972 and 1983-2005). During this period, the  Khatoum government habiting the northern region of formerly united Sudan consolidated control over the administration, the armed forces, and financial institutions throughout the nation. The Southerners who are predominantly Christians were marginalized and were denied their basic rights.  They suffered gross injustice. There were many cases of religious persecution, institutional racism, forced slavery, systematic rape, genocide, and mass abductions.

By 2005, when the comprehensive peace agreement was signed between the Arab Khatoum government and the south, an estimated two million people, mostly civilians, had lost their lives and tens of thousands more had been displaced. Many sought refuge in the neighboring countries such as Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia. Defenseless women and children walked for hundreds of miles over hostile terrain to reach destinations of relative safety. They hid in the bushes to take cover from gunfire and ate water lillies and carcasses just to survive. Many who were too weak to walk died on the way while others drowned trying to swim across the Nile river.

To this day these victims of war remain marginalized and voiceless as their freedom has been denied, their dignity assaulted, and their hope for the future destroyed. In spite of all this misery, we see the hand of God at work and hope reborn. Mission of Hope Africa is stepping in with the gospel of Jesus Christ to bring hope to the hopeless and to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need.

Mission of Hope Africa has been involved in funding a number of specific activities in South Sudan:


What good is it to gain the whole world and lose your soul? The core mission of MHA is to win souls to Christ. "Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain"(Psalms 127). In South Sudan the harvest is plentiful. By the grace of God Mission of Hope Africa seeks to partner with reputable organizations on the ground and conduct evangelism missions in different make shift camps across South Sudan.

Medical Services

Due to deplorable sanitary conditions in the Internally Displaced Camps, epidemics such as dysentry, cholera, typhoid, malaria, pneumonia, and jigger infestation are prevalent. MHA is committed to using its resources to provide free medical services to the victims of war in South Sudan. In October 2015 Mission of Hope Africa committed its funds and partnered with YMSS to provide free medical services to refugees at the Manga Ten Camp in Juba, South Sudan.



Clean Water Projects

Before the Comprehensive Peace Treaty of 2005, many water wells in the South were unportable. MHA is committed to using its resources to bring the lives of the survivors back to some sense of normalcy by providing clean drinking water. In October 2015 Mission of Hope Africa committed its funds and partnered with YMSS to provide clean drinking water to refugees at the Manga Ten Camp in Juba, South Sudan. We are praying and asking for more monetary donations from well wishers, literally, so we can have the capacity to help provide this very basic need by drilling water wells at a cost of $ US 5,000 each. These wells will provide a steady and sustainable supply of clean and safe drinking water to thousands of Internally displaced persons.


Education Sponsorship

The destiny of South Sudan is in the hands of the South Sudanese. The civil war in South Sudan disrupted all educational endeavors and left a large segment of the population illiterate and hopeless. Currently, MHA is seeking to partner with potential organizations in South Sudan in order to provide bursaries to Southern Sudanese children with academic aptitude to go to school in the neighboring country of Kenya. This will be such a milestone, since a literate population is a healthy population. Once the sponsored students successfully complete their education, we will encourage them to go back to South Sudan to rebuild their nation. These young men and women will in return be encouraged to generously give back to their communities by sponsoring at least one child as well.


Peace Building & Reconciliation

There is no future without reconciliation. The gospel of love and forgiveness must take center stage, and the need for restitution must be addressed as well. He who knew no sin was made sin on our behalf so we could be reconciled back to God.

South Sudan is a nation of victims and, importantly, of survivors. Mission of Hope Africa sees the need for reconciliation, an effort that can only be addressed on the basis of mutual understanding but not vengeance, reparation but not retaliation, and forgiveness but not victimization. We seek to restore broken relationships and to rehabilitate both victims and perpetrators, each of whom needs to be reintegrated back into the community.

MHA in collaboration with Mission of Hope Kenya wishes in the near future to develop mobilization strategies and to partner with reputable well established organizations on the ground to ensure that peace in South Sudan is concluded without arms. This peace can only be achieved if the gospel of our Lord Jesus is proactively engaged.